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[★ SHOT!] "I love you" ... Ju Yeong-hoon ♥ Lee Yun-mi, 11th wedding anniversary

Ju Yeong-hoon ♥ Lee Yun-mi, 11th wedding anniversary

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[OSEN = Jang Jin-Ri] Ju Yeong-hoon and Lee Yoon-mi married in their 11th wedding anniversary.

On August 28, Ju Yong-hoon announced his impression of his 11th wedding anniversary on his instagram.

The couple, Yoo Young-hoon and Yoon-mi Lee, celebrated their 11th wedding anniversary today. "It was Saturday, October 28, 2006. I remembered the promise of that day," said Joe Young-hoon, "and I expressed my love for my wife Yoon-mi, saying," I will live with the promise of the day.

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In the public photos, Ju Yeong-hoon and Yoon-mi Lee are showing off their affectionate looks with their shoulder bumps. To celebrate the wedding anniversary, the two smiling faces are attracting attention with champagne and a bright smile.

Ju Yeong Hoon and Yoon Mi Lee last 2006 I am married on October 28th, and I am bringing up a pretty love as a love couple representing entertainment. Ji Young-hoon and Lee Yoon-mi, who married over a 12-year-old marriage, recently showed up in a "100-year-old guest" that they "never once had a fight in their marriage." /mari@osen.co.kr

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