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BTS leave us in hysterics as they pretend to be strangers at Golden Disc Awards


The K-pop group proved that they knew how to have fun in their own way when they sat in seats far apart from each other and acted like they were strangers to each other. They even greeted each with customary bows for good measure.

This may have pleased any fan that was left a little heartbroken that the group didn’t walk the red carpet on day one of the awards show.

The Army quickly took to Twitter to show appreciation for their favourites and also their antics in the artist seat zone as they watched performances from their fellow K Pop artists.

Seriously, we are so here for all the fun and chaos – so we are not surprised the Army had a field day on Twitter.

The group attended the first day of the awards as well where V and Jin especially had us in stitches as they got their boogie on and acted the damn fool as other acts performed at the awards ceremony.

Armed with fluffy drumsticks, the pair filmed enthusiastically dancing in their tuxedos while tapping out the rhythm on each other’s shoulders.

And honestly, we were living for it.

It wasn’t just Kim Seok-jin and Kim Tae-hyung who were in a mischievous mood at the Golden Disc Awards.

Jimin was filmed leading a toast with bottles of water, which was equal parts baffling and entertaining for those streaming the awards show on V Live.

The Fake Love singers went all out for the Golden Discs, dressing sharply in tuxedos, and deservedly were named V Live’s top artist of the year – with RM quipping that V should lead their acceptance speech, considering the name of the award.

Although shy at first, V told the audience: ‘I only used to watch the awards on TV. It is surreal we are on the stage here, now. This is unbelievable.’

They also won Best digital Song Bonsang.

The band attended the second day of the Golden Discs as well, where they won the Best Album award on Sunday.

Other huge K-pop acts including BLACKPINK, WINNER, TWICE and iKon are in attendance at the awards in Seoul.


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