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“The King’s Letters” movie Main poster and trailer #2

Main poster and trailer #2 added for movie “The King’s Letters” starring Song Kang-Ho and Park Hae-Il.

The main poster above features main characters King Sejong (Song Kang-Ho), Monk Shinmi (Park Hae-Il), Queen Sohun (Jeon Mi-Sun), Crown Prince Moonjong (Kim Joon-Han) while they work on an original Korean alphabet.

Trailer #2 begins with Song Kang-Ho stating in Korean “I was creating letters which anyone can easily learn and use.” Below are character posters of Song Kang-Ho, Park Hae-Il and Jeon Mi-Sun.

“The King’s Letters” will be released July 24, 2019 in South Korea.

Song Kang-Ho desires to create an original alphabet for his people. With the help of others, they struggle to create the Korean alphabet Hangul. 

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