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Lee Min-ho and Kim Eun-suk confirm their return to 'The King' ..

Lee Min-ho joins Kim Eun-suk again.

Production company Hwa & Dam Pictures (CEO Yoon Ha-rim) formalized the production of Kim Eun-suk's next film, The King: The Lord of Eternity and reunion with actor Lee Min-ho.

“The King: The Lord of Eternity,” which is aiming to air in the first half of 2020, is directed by Kim Sang-suk and the Sun's descendants. Predicts the birth of a sophisticated fantasy romance drama that goes beyond.

There is another reason why “The King: The Lord of eternity” attracts attention. It is the return of actor Lee Min-ho who released his convocation last month and had high interest in his next work. Actor who has accumulated various filmography through various works, and has been able to endure not easy weight as a star attracting domestic and foreign stars, he made his second act as the actor who met after the period of enlistment. To start.

Hua N'Dam said, “It's the second time since our heirs. The actor is trusted. The more mature and deeper actor Lee Min-ho will be seen in “The King: The Lord of eternity.”

"The King: The Lord of eternity" is set in the background of "parallel world" which was rarely dealt with in dramas. "God has released the devil into the human world, and the devil has opened the door to a parallel world. If there is another" I "who is living a better life than" I, "you will be able to Do you want to change it? "

In response to this explicit question from the devil, the two worlds of "I-Gang emperor Korean Empire trying to close the door of dimension and the door-to-door Korean criminal justice to protect someone's life, people and love" Through collaboration, we will sometimes feel flutter, sometimes ache, and a different level of romance.

Representative Yoon Ha-lim said, “The broadcaster and the specific broadcast time are undecided. However, as the director and the main character have been confirmed, we will begin shooting in the second half of this year to improve the drama's completeness. ”

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