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Sulli opens up about her attitude towards other people's opinions

Sulli opened up about her attitude towards other people's opinions.

Sulli has a reputation of not caring too much what people think, and on the August 16th episode of 'Reply Night', she explained why.
Guest John Park expressed,
"Personally, I think Sulli is very cool. I'm curious whether she really doesn't care what people think or whether she tries to live that way."

The former f(x) member responded,

"I think it'd be really hard to find my own identity if I worry about what others think because you get influenced by so many people. I make an effort, but I really disliked caring what people thought since I was young.

" She continued,

"In the past, I was so tired that I was dancing less energetically during practice. Higher-ups at the company came to see us, and everyone started working hard as they danced when a bit ago they were just going through the motions. I really didn't like that. That's why I just danced gently."

What do you think of Sulli's story?

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