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Netizen anger towards Yoochun continues after his fan club membership price is revealed ₩66000 $54

Yoochun continues to face netizen rage due to his hefty annual fan club membership fees.

An internet community forum post became a hot topic after posting a screenshot from Yoochun's fan club website that states the following:

"We are thankful to all the fans in Korea who love Yoochun. Here is information regarding the process to enroll in Park Yoochun's fansite Blue Cielo.

Announcement on paid membership benefits.

Annual membership fee: 66,000 KRW (~54 USD), including tax

Exclusive access to content released year-round (pictures and videos)

Selling first access to fan club events

Restricted events for fan club members

Official member MD"

Given Yoochun's scandal history, as well as his previous announcement of retiring from the entertainment industry, netizens are expressing disapproval of his high fan club membership fee which is two to three times higher than other idol's fan club fees. Netizen comments include:

"Does he have no shame?"

"How does he still have fans?"

"LOL crazy b******"

"Excuse me?"

"I'm dumbfounded"

What do you think?

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