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'Extreme Job 2019' 12 million hit the box office .. 'Jackpot' in Korea

Movie poster of "Extreme Job/Career" (photo = CJ Entertainment)

Industrial Bank of Korea is writing a new record every day 'extreme profession' of the jackpot burst into the box office.

According to the movie promotion committee on October 10, the "extreme occupation" that was unveiled on March 23 stood at 12,176,019 as of the previous day (as of 9th). It is the 18th movie of the past 10 million.

Currently, cumulative sales of 'extreme jobs' is about 105.6 billion won, exceeding 16 times of net production cost of 6.5 billion won, and the breakeven point (2.47 million) is already exceeding 5 times the number of visitors. In some cases, the prospect that the momentum will exceed the cumulative audience of 1,500,000 will soon be revealed. That's why investors are laughing.

Industrial Bank of Korea invested 700 million won in direct investment in 'extreme profession' and indirect investment of 90 million won including funds and investment association. It is said that it invested a lot of money next to investment and distribution company CJ ENM, which accounted for 12.2% of the net production cost of the film.

Since the sales after the break-even point are directly linked to the profits, the profits of the 'extreme profession' are estimated to be about 100 billion won (based on the average movie cost per person 10,000 won). Accordingly, IBK's investment income earned by the company stood at about W12bn, about 15 times the amount of its principal.

IBK is responsible for the investment of the film in the Corporate and Investment Banking (CIB) group, the 'Cultural Contents Finance Team'. IBK will set up a dedicated department to support loans and direct and indirect investments in various cultural contents industries such as movies, dramas, performances, etc. for the first time in 2012, and will have 529.6 billion won by 2013 and 1,128.8 billion won from 2014 to 2016 . From 2017 to this year, KRW 400 billion is provided annually, totaling KRW 1.2 trillion.

IBK has invested 2 billion won (1 billion won in direct investment, 1 billion won in indirect investment) for the first time in the history of Korean cinema last year, along with the movie "Twins" The number of cumulative audiences was 1441,675 (box office second place), and the number of second was 12,127,843 (10th). 'Extreme Jobs' is the second 10 million people who have invested directly by IBK.

An official from IBK said, "If we approached from the perspective of making money for the investment in the film industry, we would not have succeeded in achieving such success." Based on the policy decision to contribute to the domestic cultural contents industry, "He said.

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