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Pohang earthquake 4.1 damage ... It seems to be caused by 'deep and deep'

Pohang Citizens who take a walk 10 days after the earthquake 4.1 As soon as the earthquake hit, the citizens of Pohang and Gilbuk Railway Forest walk as usual. 2019.2.10

포항 지진피해 아직 없어…'먼바다 심해'서 발생때문인듯
The damage caused by the 4.1 magnitude earthquake that occurred off the coast of Pohang, Gyeongsang Province on October 10, was not observed until 3 pm on the day.

The fire department of Gyeongbuk province received five reports that it felt an earthquake after an earthquake at 12:53 pm in the sea area of ​​50 km east of Northeast of Pohang city at 12:53 pm and received 16 inquiries about the earthquake.

But at 3:00 pm, the damage report did not come in.

Pohang and Gyeongbuk provinces also tried to figure out their own situation, but they did not receive reports of damage to people or property.

The magnitude of the earthquake is 4.1, but it is located at a distance of 21 kilometers from the downtown area.

According to the Korea Meteorological Administration (KMA), the magnitude of the incident caused by the earthquake was measured as Ⅲ (3) in Gyeongbuk and Ulsan and Ⅱ (2) in Gangwon, Gyeongnam, Daegu and Busan.

The instrument Jindo Ⅲ is a level where the person in the room, especially the upper level of the building, feels a tremendous vibration and the stopped car is slightly shaken.

In fact, the majority of Pohang citizens said they did not feel the earthquake.

Only a few citizens who were still at home felt the vibration.

Then it seemed that there was no surprise to escape from the building or evacuate.

POSCO Pohang Works as well as Pohang businesses are operating normally.
An official of Pohang city said, "There is no damage that we have entered or investigated so far, but we are investigating it continuously." He said, "We are holding a meeting to prepare for an additional earthquake."

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