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Won Jin-a, tvN 'Let me melt' The main character "Ji Chang-wook and the first loco"

Actress Won Jin-ae was expected to be the protagonist, "Let me melt."

A drama official said on the eighth day of the sport, "Won Jin-a is cast in the TVN New Tomorrow's Drama".

Wonjin Know is one of the experimental TV stations in the drama. She is drowned in the saying that she will give 5 million won if she wakes up overnight from an assistant one day. She participates in the "Frozen Human Project". Unpredictable · Imaginarily transcendent, I can not catch the hot and cold water several times a day, I can not catch a glimpse of a fresh, charming woman.

Wonjin, who first announced his face to the drama as the main character of last year 's "I Love You," stars in' Life 'and' Melts me 'in a year. Through this work, I will show the romantic comedy charm different from the one shown before.

'Let me melt' is a 24-hour frozen human project that men and women who have participated in a mysterious conspiracy to wake up after 20 years to survive the average body temperature of 31.5 ° to maintain the side effect and the warmth between the throbbing hot tired Foolish thawing romance to be done.

The director of Shin Woo-cheol is gathering up the subject with the intention of coinciding with the intention, "The woman who is strong," "The woman who is dignified," "The miracle that we met", and the lover of Paris, Secret Garden and the elegance of the gentleman. Here the male character is Ji Chang-wook decided and shows Won Jin-a and romance.

It will be broadcast first in September.

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