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Diving Into BTS World with Bangtan Sonyeondan

Travel back into 2012 and play as BTS’ new manager in a free mobile game featuring the seven boys.

On June 26, Korean gaming company Netmarble released BTS World, a story-based mobile game that takes players back before the debut of BTS.

ARMYs get to become the manager of a new boy group that Big Hit Entertainment will debut. It is up to the manager’s hands to gather the members and help them debut in South Korea’s music industry. In BTS World, ARMYs can experience a first-hand interaction with the BTS members through conversations and social media.

Before the game’s launch, a pre-registration for BTS World was open at btsw.netmarble.com, which included a playable mini-game demo of BTS World, providing a sneak peek of BTS World’s gameplay. The pre-registration also offered an introduction about the game’s storyline.

Aside from the main plot wherein the player becomes BTS’ manager, there are side stories as well in the game’s feature called “Another Story.” In this feature, the seven boys did not become members of BTS, and instead lived separate lives. The player now follows each member in their own lives to get to know them better. To succeed in the main and side stories’ missions, players make use of cards which ranges from 1 to 5-star. Players can level up the cards as the game progresses.

As ARMYs played the game, they find themselves falling in love with the BTS song played in the game’s main lobby called “Heartbeat.” The music video for the said song was released two days after the game’s launch, and hitting more than 18M views as of this article’s writing.

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