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BTS Crowned As One Of “100 Most Influential People Of 2019” By TIME

The global sensation makes the cut for TIME’s “100 Most Influential People”, and no one should be surprised.

On April 17, TIME Magazine introduced this year’s edition of the TIME 100, the U.S. publication’s annual list of 100 individuals considered to be the most influential in the world.

Assembled by TIME editors, the group was categorised in the list’s section devoted to Artists, joining Ariana Grande, Taylor Swift, Khalid, Lady Gaga, and Ozuna as being the only musicians to be included in this year’s list.

The group’s feature was written by U.S. Grammy-nominated artist Halsey, whom the boys had recently collaborated with for the lead single off of their latest album, “Boy With Luv”.

The singer-songwriter begins by proposing the question that will come across to those most unfamiliar with the seven-piece South Korean boyband in regards to how have managed to conquer the world. Along with their ground-breaking achievements, the piece also highlights the value of music as a universal language, the sincerity embedded into the group’s body of work, and strength of a supportive fanbase. Halsey also provides her own insight into their off-stage personalities before stressing the genuineness behind every move as BTS continues to make the world theirs for the feature’s conclusion.

BTS was also the readers’ choice for this year’s TIME 100 poll, marking the second consecutive of finishing off in first place. The had group won by gathering 6% of the final vote for online reader poll among a number of esteemed candidates including former First Lady Michelle Obama, and current New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Arden.

This follows as TIME had dubbed the South Korean powerhouse as “Next Generation Leaders” in a detailed global cover story last year, delving into the core of the group and their worldwide success. It also cemented them as the first South Korean musical group to feature on a TIME Magazine cover.

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