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BTS’ Suga Donates to Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation for His Birthday

“There were a lot of times that I really wanted to donate and help,” Suga (Min-Yoongi) said back in 2013. Now years later, he is in a place where he can do just that.

On March 9th, Suga donated ₩100M ($88,193) to the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation, which helps fund treatment and surgery as well as emotional and learning support for sick children.

In addition to the ₩100M, Suga also donated 329 dolls to the foundation, which are supposedly BT21 Shooky dolls that Suga helped create last year.

Both of these donations Suga made under the fanclub name ‘ARMY.’

According to Korean media, the chairman of the Korea Pediatric Cancer Foundation thanked Suga and ARMY for helping bring comfort to children.

Suga donating under the name ‘ARMY’ has a special meaning behind it. Whenever it is a BTS member’s birthday, BTS fans have donate to various organizations around the world under the name, ‘BTS.’ Why? Because BTS inspired them to make a change.

Since debuting in 2013, the guys have always been about giving back. They never took their success for granted and took any chance they could to help those in need. In 2017, BTS decided to take things further by partnering with UNICEF for their ‘Love Myself‘ anti-violence campaign, which promises a better and safer future for youth. In 2018, BTS and UNICEF took their campaign and expanded it globally.

BTS’ partnership with UNICEF inspired ARMYs everywhere to help make a difference. In March of 2018, a group of fans began the ‘ONE IN AN ARMY’ fan project, an account dedicated to raising funds for different organizations worldwide. For Suga’s birthday this year, ‘ONE IN AN ARMY’ put their focus on PFC (Playing For a Change), an organization that helps support music and arts education.

Donating to PFC is just one way the BTS ARMY has been making a difference for Suga’s birthday. Check out some of the other ways ARMY has been celebrating March 9th below.

BTS and ARMY are truly making a difference one day at a time. No wonder BTS is called the ‘Next Generation Leaders,’ while ARMY is known as ‘the best fans in the world.’

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